Played on June 06, 2019



Virgil is my hero
June 06, 2019

Van Dijk was booed by English fans throughout the game. Why on earth? Just because he won the CL with Liverpool? What a disgrace for England to have such fans!

Hari kari
June 06, 2019

the irony of Stones attempting a Cruyff turn.... and failing in epic fashion to gift the Netherlands the lead.

Pint of wine
June 06, 2019

let's face it. England will never win any trophy at international level, not even this nations cup thing. hyped in their own back garden is the height of it. never at the races technically, tactically or organisationally.

June 07, 2019

i saw and heard more mistakes from english "fans" than stones made on the pitch

June 06, 2019

England is very dangerous for team like Panama and saudi arabia. Trynidad is too strong for son's of albion.

June 06, 2019

Spurs fan here but weren't England winning until Harry Kane came on? Hasn't Southgate learnt anything from the Champions League Final?

June 06, 2019

England = 🤡

June 08, 2019

Can say I'm embarrassed to be an England fan. The majority of fans are a disgrace. No pride or sportsmanship.

June 07, 2019

Stupid maguire stupid stones stupid Barkley stupid var

Ban uk hooligans
June 06, 2019

I'm happy that England lost just because English hooligans are the worst thing on earth. Idiots English hooligans, go home now. Let us see how you destroy you own streets back in England now.

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