Manchester United

Played on January 05, 2018

Derby County
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January 05, 2018

Not gonna lie, but Lukaku needs to fix his first touch its absolutely horrible.

January 05, 2018

Lukaku is bad?! He play nearly always good. But the Basketbollfabs says he is bad, why? But he dont score Goals!!! He make a super match a assist and a goal and you say Lukaku is bad. He olay for Belgium, one of the best teams of Europe and World. Bye bye i dont write to february!

January 05, 2018

Yourmom, first, is this your problem when i can or i can not check English. Secondly, which player have in the season 2016-17 a Hat-trick against Barcelona or Real Madrid or City scored. When he dont score goal, he make a super perfomance like Sanchez etc...

January 05, 2018

@Yourmom you’re a very foolish prolific english writer. Idiot mummy's boy

January 05, 2018

Lukakuidverygood Bruh

January 05, 2018

First, @lukakuidverygood check your English, learn how to speak it. Secondly, The only time he actually proves himself as a prolific striker and shows up is against smaller teams, you'll never see him score bangers or hat-tricks against teams like city or Barca or Real Madrid so stfu.

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