Played on July 14, 2018



Thanatos x
July 14, 2018

Belgium could've destroyed England if wasn't for such slack finishing, England had a chance here and there but really if each team took their chances Belgium should've won by a clear 4 goals minimal

July 14, 2018

Belgium clearly the better team, England can only win against weak teams. Though it could have easily been 2-1 instead of 2 - 0 if it wasn't for that last hour save by the Belgian defender

July 14, 2018

England got lucky by ending up in the easier half of the brackets and still could not make it into the finals. And their fans thought they would win the world cup? Stop overhyping your sh*t players and let your players play in other leagues so that they get out of their comfort zones.

July 14, 2018

Abdul you are jokeman. Look the englandjoke comment this is a good example for you. Kane must thank the referee for this goals. You are angry because England have a s*** team and they have afraid to finish the 1nd place because they cant win against big teams. Bye s*** commentator

July 14, 2018

England, 7 games, 3 wins. Kane, Golden Boot but only one shot in the last FOUR matches... And you claim to be proud ? Proud of what exactly, you really need to tell me that.

July 14, 2018

Justice has been served. England must someday abandon the long ball game. Learn from all those foreign players of Pr. league. And again Lingard, Sterling and co skill is ok, but finishing unknown.

July 14, 2018

hahahah I knew from day one that England suck but Lukaku sucks more !!

July 14, 2018

Lulaku missed so many chances. Old and heavy boy. Belgium could have beaten France if they had more luck.

July 14, 2018

Belgium was the best team this World Cup. But France have a defensive play and it is very difficult to score a goal against them. I can good prediction matches. Croatia will win tomorrow against France. Lukaku best player this World Cup haters because Harry Kane score 3 goals from Penalty. Congrats!

July 14, 2018

A lot of whinging twats on here.. it’s a young England team that will gain a lot of experience from this tournament. You all sound like you’re from shit countries, very jealous!!! And a goal is a goal, no matter how it is scored. Kane has the golden boot so go f*** yourselves!!

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