Played on January 09, 2020

Atletico Madrid
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January 09, 2020

This is the saddest, most pathetic comment section I've ever seen. What a bunch of saddos. Messi, probably the best ever, scores 2 goals and the losers in life here are all over him. From an Arsenal fan.

January 09, 2020

Var is a joke... Messi second goal is handball and Pique´s hanball in penalty box is not... they don´t know what are they doing...

Sha sha baa
January 09, 2020

What a shitty leader Messi is😂 fighting with a 19 years when his own teammate is acting childish like football isn’t a contact sport. Puyol would never act like that 🥇

January 09, 2020

The number of retards in this comment thread is too damn high.

Bacod aing
January 09, 2020

the moment when VARcelona can't buy VAR :D

Eat my poo
January 09, 2020

VAR ravaged this match holy shit

Messi the sad
January 09, 2020

haha get rekt barca fans

January 10, 2020

Barca has had a few of the greatest players ever but they never had real supporters.

Messi is a joke
January 09, 2020

Van Dijk: CL:yes, Super Cup:yes, CWC:yes Messi: CL:no, La Liga: yes, any other trophy: no Ballon d'Or winner: Messi :D

January 09, 2020

hahahahahahahahaha..barcelona k.o...hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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