Atletico Madrid

Played on April 13, 2022

Manchester City
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Silver sterling
April 13, 2022

Oh the sweet irony. Complete shithousery from City, frustrating Atletico and its fans. "You like anti football? Then have some." Delicious

Oh god
April 14, 2022

This Atletico team is horrifying to watch, ultra defensive, dangerous fouls all round, idiotic players (i mean, Felipe trying to make his case against the ref, while his first foul against Foden deserved red...). What are they doing in UCL ?

April 14, 2022

Ladies and gents, you just witness spanish thugs playing football, must remind them of their favelas' days lol

April 13, 2022

City made what exactly should be made against these football killers. Defence is an art haa? Now face the defence and anti football.

Mart atm
May 30, 2022

I can’t watch it

April 14, 2022

A drug test on Felipe?

April 13, 2022

Once did a team play like Atletico, and the Atletico players and fans start to cry. Look at their reaction when Felipe fouled Foden, they reacted like crybabies. It was clear that Atletico won‘t win the CL, but even more sweet to see them losing in this way.

Simone zewanker
April 13, 2022

City were the lesser evil compared to the Athletico arseholes.

April 13, 2022

I'm not a fan of any team, but City is pathetic about delaying the game, especially that one whos was rolling on the field XDDD

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