Played on May 09, 2018

Real Madrid
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May 09, 2018

F**king low-lives! No matter how much the referees try to save you, you suck too much. #putamadrid

May 09, 2018

Not a penalty. Bad decision

May 09, 2018

I agree that both were legitimate penalties for once. But there's a history of favorable decisions for Madrid. Last year it literally won you the league. Now this sub-par team is in the CL finals. Madrid fans don't particularly endear themselves to the world either. You may be an exception.

May 09, 2018

How to get a penalty? Football world: an opponent's hand touches the ball or tackles a player in the box. Real Madrid: Just dive in the box in front of Mateu Lahoz

May 12, 2018

Hatersgonnahate What do you expect from Barcadogs ?:D DId you expect objective opinion ?:D Don't mind them mate :)

May 10, 2018

Barça's cult is live and well here, look at all the hate comments and how they like their comments and dislike Madrid fans comments lol just go get a life and watch your god damn team and stop your cult activities xD why are you here ? well of course just to hate on Madrid.

May 10, 2018

Il y a évidemment penalty, l'agression s'effectue dans la surface de réparation incontestablement et l'agresseur ne joue pas le ballon....

May 09, 2018

He literally elbowed him in the box, what do you expect? The ref to not give a penalty? All this hate for real madrid, looks like it’s okay for somebody to punch or elbow a madrid player in the face...c’mon man

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