Paris Saint Germain

Played on March 06, 2018

Real Madrid
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Hamad arif
March 06, 2018

who again ? cristiano ****ing ronaldo !!! see you next year PSG !! get well soon neymar

March 06, 2018

Ronaldo is the GOAT he is scoring in every game that just crazy. We will see Real Madrid and MC in UCL final. Ronaldo is a nightmare pape Guardiola. It will be a fun final.

March 06, 2018

Champions League runs in our DNA.... HALA MADRID

March 06, 2018

cant wait for chelsea v barca so chelsea can hammer them and then play real madrid and hammer them tooo CHELSEAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

March 06, 2018

Unai Emery is stupid coach , HALA MADRID who is the next

March 07, 2018

@Chelseafan; in your dreams sucker. chelsea is gonna be GANGED!!!

March 06, 2018

It's true that CR7 is always the best striker in uefa champions league history

Zuck on yo daddy
March 06, 2018

Any English team will phuck Madrid´s little white ass. Liverpool would beat Madrid 5-3. Man United will them 2-1. Man City 2-0. Tottenham will actually get their asses beat by Real lol

March 06, 2018

These two matches were great, hoping for easier opposition in quarter finals

March 06, 2018

@Zuck you’re mental lmao out of the teams you listed only two would probably beat Real, Tottenham (who you said would lose lmao) & MC. Liverpool would get smacked up & man utd would be too obsessed with not conceding (which they would) to even score on

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