Played on February 04, 2018

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February 04, 2018

I love football, I really do, but when a game's like this I wonder if the amount of money involved really affects it in negative ways. Like how most of the best teams get lots of decisions in their favor. Looking forward to fairer games with the VAR

February 04, 2018

Db, im Manchester UNITED fan but im seriously, The Liverpool fan jave right but look this was offside and Karius dont touch him and he dive. The 2nd penalty wazs too a Dive. Im sorry for Liverpool fan, but happy for Manchester UNITED and you db learn the rules of football!

Liverpool fan
February 04, 2018

Also Spurs are cheats, 2 penalties from 2 dives. And the first was even offside.

Sterling silver
February 04, 2018

As a neutral, the last 15 minutes of this game was perhaps the most exciting I've ever watched in BPL.

Liverpool fan
February 04, 2018

Fuck the assistant referee. Piece of shit ref.

February 04, 2018

1st penalty: A joke. Obvious dive following an offside. 2nd penalty: Completely correctly given

February 04, 2018

get the linesman faces and brokea his nose..get him regret his decision

February 04, 2018

whether the first penalty was a penalty or not is debatable but it definitely wasn't an offside because the last touch came off a liverpool player. brush up your football knowledge before you moan

February 04, 2018

liverpool fan is delirious. 2 clear penalties without any dives. There was clear contact in both instances.

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