Celta Vigo

Played on January 25, 2017

Real Madrid
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January 25, 2017

+Visca barca There were 3goals and 6substitutions in the second half, what's the problem getting 4 minutes for extra time.......

Rodney arse
January 25, 2017

commentator is wack

Visca barca
January 26, 2017

Messy you know damn right if it was the other team trying to catch up there would have been way less time.

Visca barca
January 25, 2017

So in the 1st half when Celta were up 1-0 they gave no extra time in the half...somehow Real get +4 minutes right after the equalizer smh. I never watch RM games but I felt like they would not survive away to Celta.

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