Played on April 05, 2018

CSKA Moscow
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Simone diego
April 05, 2018

OMG, Arsenal !! they looks so strong, we can't win in eoropa league, gg it's over, i'm done

Jason jones
April 05, 2018

Only chance for CL footy next season, but I can't see ANYONE beating Atletico in this competition. If they win it and Auto qualify for the CL (which they will in Spain), will the runners-up go into the CL next season? Anyone?

The defiant goy
April 07, 2018

Unwatchable Quality. 144p??? Fuck **** ****.

April 06, 2018

@jason I meant the team below atletico, sorry

April 06, 2018

@jason no. I think it only changes the situation in spanish league making the team above atletico qualify

April 05, 2018

Ya gunners Ya! Enroute back to the CL

Leen morrison
April 05, 2018

choot united ... ur name explains it all ... :)

Azzhole licker
April 05, 2018

There is no way Arsenal are going to beat Leipzig or Atleti... no chance. They belong in the Championship with Fulham and Wolverhampton hahahaha

Choot united
April 05, 2018

Arsenal fans happy ??? U will get nothing hahahahaha

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