Played on May 24, 2017

Manchester United
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Man united
May 24, 2017

To all Manchester United and Mourinho haters, he won 2 trophies in one year, and Van Gaal one trophie in two years. Haha all haters-fans saying United lose ahha and United won and we go in Champions League haters. Go Man Uts power !

May 24, 2017

Offside, yes i very ashame of my club ... finish 6th still can go to champions league without qualifying rounds hahahaha

Devil boy
May 24, 2017

@offside we squeak into UCL with a silverware. 2nd, 3rd and 4th doesn't get you a trophy. Go away sore loser :D

Andy cole
May 24, 2017

United 4 life

May 24, 2017

@Devil Boy Your own coach called the EFL cup second rate when was at Chelsea. Now all the sudden it means something now that he is at Man U. If you asked a Man U fan 5 years ago is they would be happy winning the Europa. You would have been laughed out the room.

May 24, 2017

With all the money you spent on transfers this year and you only squeak into Champions League by winning Europa. Would be a big year for a small club. A big club like Man U should not be proud of this season.

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